Day 2

Fri 29 Oct


Media management and sustainability: industry challenges

Chaired by: S. Melesko (Media, Management and Transformation Center, Former CEO of Dagens Nyheter

A roundtable with:

Lotta Edling (Editorial Director of Bonnier News – one of the leading media houses in Sweden)

Amalie Kestler (Indlandsredaktør of Politiken – a leading Danish daily broadsheet newspaper)

and Mikael Rothsten (CEO of Nya Wermlands-Tidningien, NWT – a leading local morning newspaper company in Sweden)


Coffee break in JIBS lobby


Does Media Management Even Exist?

Chaired by: Ulrike Rohn (Tallinn University

A conversation with: Eli Noam (Columbia University)


Meet the editors

A roundtable with:

Leona Achtenhagen (Jönköping International Business School) – Journal of Media Business Studies

Bozena Mierzejewska (Fordham Business School) – International Journal of Media Management

Jan Becker (KühneLogisticsUniversity) – Journal of Media Economics


Lunch at Guvernören


Room: B1033

Parallel session 29-1/A

Business models, innovation, transformation and strategy in media

Onsite chair: Songming Feng
Online chair: Annika Ehlers

#111 A sustainable post-pandemic environment? Content-led journalism and the role of Covid in ecommerce transactions and the news business model

Authors: Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Raul Ferrer-Conill and Damian Radcliffe

Keywords: Ecommerce, Business models, Post-pandemic, Content-led journalism, Commercial Sustainability, Diversification

#38 Innovations in the commercialization of journalism during the last decade. An international comparison between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain

Authors: José M. Valero-Pastor, Korbinian Klinghardt, Renée Lugschitz and Mirco Saner

Keywords: media innovation, commercialization innovation, paywalls for journalism, crowdfunding, Fundation-financed journalism, Media cooperation

#66 Innovation capacity and ability among local newspapers during the corona crisis

Authors: Ragnhild Olsen and Peder Inge Furseth

Keywords: Innovation, local newspapers, Covid-19, management, value creation

#56 End of the «Prosumer» in News Media? User Generated Content (UGC) Continues to Decrease as Strategic Priority

Authors: Mona Solvoll, Anders Olof Larsson and Arne H. Krumsvik

Keywords: User generated content, Strategies, News media, Social media, Survey, Newspaper executives, User involvement


Room: B4051

Parallel session 29-1/B

Public interventions in media

Onsite chair: Aske Kammer
Online chair: Tobias Scholz

#50 Prioritizing national competitivity over support for democracy? Finnish media policy in the 21st century

Authors: Katja Lehtisaari, Marko Ala-Fossi, Mikko Grönlund, Heikki Hellman, Kari Karppinen and Hannu Nieminen

Keywords: Media policy, Public subsidies, Consolidation

#54 Russian Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Practices in the Media

Authors: Anna Gureeva and Elina Samorodova

Keywords: media regulation, self-regulation, co-regulation, media industry, Russia

#26 Institutionalization of the concept ‘toereikend media-aanbod’ (sufficient media offer) in the practices of Dutch local public radio

Authors: Natalia Berger and Andrea Prince van Leeuwen

Keywords: local media, government regulation, institutionalisation, media business

#30 As seen from the Global South, media development is not just a sustaining challenge

Authors: Michel Leroy

Keywords: media development, Global South, media assistance, sustainability, radio management, sustainable communication


Room: B4043

Parallel session 29-1/C

Media corporate social responsibility

Onsite chair: Tim Raats
Online chair: Mark Edwards

#24 Talking and Walking CSR in Media: A Correlated Topic Model of Substantive Actions and Symbolic Claims

Authors: Jaan-Pauli Kimpimäki, Paavo Ritala and Päivi Maijanen

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, symbolic claims, substantive actions, European media industry

#85 Media organizations and their responsibilities regarding targeted advertising: Insights from the Swiss media industry

Authors: Tanja Rüedy

Keywords: Advertising revenues, Media responsibility, Online content providers, Targeted advertising

#49 Legitimizing and broadening corporate social responsibility in the media industry

Authors: Laura Olkkonen, Päivi Maijanen, Paavo Ritala and Philipp Bachmann

Keywords: media responsibility, corporate social responsibility, journalism ethics

#96 All hands on deck! CSR and self-help during COVID-19 on the example of Poland

Authors: Grzegorz Kowalczyk and Martyna Dudziak-Kisio

Keywords: COVID-19, CSR, civil society, social media, Poland


Room: B4050

Parallel session 29-1/D


Onsite chair: Joaquin Cestino
Online chair: Dinara Tokbaeva

#89 The Role of Media Management in Entrepreneurship

Authors: Thomas Cyron

Keywords: entrepreneurship, media management, new venture, communication


Authors: Sindi Sheri and Leona Achtenhagen

Keywords: media, media visibility, entrepreneurship, new ventures, Albania, adverse context, reality show

#87 Beyond tradition: Portuguese media startups lead in innovation and get closer to audiences

Authors: Miguel Crespo, Miguel Paisana, Pedro Caldeira Pais, Ana Pinto-Martinho and Caterina Foa

Keywords: news media, startups, innovation, media ecosystem, media strategies

#115 Social media influencers as entrepreneurial content creators – An international survey on motivations, business models and formats

Authors: Castulus Kolo, Florian HAumer and Alexander Roth

Keywords: social media influencers, content creators, motivations. media entrepreneurship


Room: B1033

Parallel session 29-2/A

Business models, innovation, transformation and strategy in media

Onsite chair: Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska
Online chair: Annika Ehlers

#12 Don’t say failed innovation, say failed implementation! The unsuccessful introduction of early paywalls and chatbots in the Spanish news market

Authors: José María Valero-Pastor, Miguel Carvajal-Prieto, José Alberto García-Avilés, Dámaso Mondéjar-Aráez, Félix Arias-Robles and Alicia De Lara-González

Keywords: Innovation, News media, Failure, Business model, Economic performance, Spain

#94 Organisational Learning in Media Organisations: The case of German Print Media Houses

Authors: Miriam Bernhard and Andreas Will

Keywords: organisational learning, learning organisation, media organisation

#17 Understanding chronic corporate underperformance in Media-Tech Firms

Authors: John Oliver

Keywords: Media-Tech firms, Corporate Turnaround, Corporate Performance, Corporate Culture, Innovation, Risk, Transgenerational Response

#58 Finding financial force: The organizational-level factors influencing news media organisations’ sustainability in East Africa

Authors: Rose Kimani, Hesbon Owilla, Ann Hollifield, Julia Wegner and Dennis Reineck

Keywords: Media Viability, Sustainable business models, Media sustainability, Media business, East Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda


Room: B4051

Parallel session 29-2/B


Onsite chair: Mercedes Medina
Online chair: Tobias Scholz

#53 The assessment of media diversity in the online age. An overview of media measurement frameworks and challenges

Authors: Heritiana Ranaivoson

Keywords: Exposure diversity, Online platforms, Recommender systems, Media pluralism

#113 The Role of Digital storytelling, for Collective Sustainable Realization of Clothing

Authors: Jamila Siamwalla

Keywords: digital storytelling, sustainability, consumption, clothing-fashion industry

#83 Social media as a channel for communicating CSR: User behaviour and motivations [POSTER]

Authors: Magda Lena Schütz

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, social media, social networking sites, engagement

#29 The coming of age of a newly (e)merged media company: the DPG Media story

Authors: Jonathan Hendrickx and Ike Picone

Keywords: media ethnography, media mergers, media diversity


Room: B4043

Parallel session 29-2/C

Media corporate social responsibility

Onsite chair: Päivi Maijanen
Online chair: Mark Edwards

#70 Are Media-Related Companies Better Sustainability Managers than Others? Two quantitative content analyses of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the official reports of selected corporations around the globe

Authors: Castulus Kolo, Florian Haumer, Sofia Matt and Holger Sievert

Keywords: Media Companies, Social Development Goals (SDG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CSR Communication, Corporate Communication

#35 Logos, ethos, pathos, sustainabilitos? The role of media companies in reaching sustainability.

Authors: Denise Voci

Keywords: Sustainability communication, Social responsibility, Media company, Media content, Rhetoric analysis, Sustainability media content, Sustainable Development

#16 Sustainability in cross-sector partnerships in the fight against misinformation between the logics of control, empowerment, and pluralism

Authors: Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Lucas Graves and Oscar Westlund

Keywords: Media management, Cross-sector partnerships, Institutional logics, Misinformation, Platform, Digital media, Systainability

#98 The quest for accountable media - how media accountability instruments can support sustainable newsrooms

Authors: Sandra Barthel

Keywords: Media Accountability, Sustainable newsrooms, transparency, media ethics, online news media


Room: B4050

Parallel session 29-2/D

Strategies and practices in media markets

Onsite chair: Tom Evens
Online chair: Dinara Tokbaeva

#122 The platformization of private television broadcasting: a comparison of market strategies in Belgium

Authors: Tim Raats

Keywords: ecosystem sustainability, private broadcasting, SVOD, platformization, Flanders

#14 The Danish Podcast Market: actors and business strategies

Authors: Thomas Spejlborg Sejersen and Aske Kammer

Keywords: business models, Denmark, mapping, podcast

#43 News media and tech platforms: dependency, independence and power relations

Authors: Mathias Felipe de-Lima-Santos and Lucia Mesquita

Keywords: news media, sustainability, tech platforms, projects, dependence, revenue stream, journalism

#27 Fundamentals for a reinvention of public service media: restructuring for audiences and sustainability

Authors: Francisco J. Pérez-Latre, Sven-Ove Horst and Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero

Keywords: Public Service Media, Innovation, Sustainability, Media Management, Leadership


Coffee break in JIBS lobby


What is the media industry, anyway?

A roundtable with:

Lucy Küng (Reuters Institute, Oxford University)

Leona Achtenhagen (Jönköping International Business School)

Gregory F. Lowe (Northwestern University in Qatar)

Robert Picard (Reuters Institute, Oxford University)

and Eli Noam (Columbia University)


emma AGA

emma Annual General Assembly, including handover to the new executive board


Gala dinner at Gyllene Uttern

Bus leaves JIBS at 19.00

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