Day 1

Thu 28 Oct


Welcome to emma2021

Sven Rydell (Head of Trade and Industry, Jönköpings Kommun)

Ulrike Rohn (emma President)

Leona Achtenhagen (Director of the Media, Management and Transformation Center)

Joaquin Cestino (Chair of emma2021)


Social sustainability and media

Chaired by: J. Cestino (Jönköping International Business School)

A roundtable with:

Lars Tallert (Head of Policy and International Development FOJO: MEDIA INSTITUTE ) on sustaining journalism

David Jawette (Nordic Field Marketing Manager of ESL Gaming ) on sustaining a (gaming) community


"Best Paper Award” presentations"

Chaired by: Päivi Maijanen-Kyläheiko (LUT University) and Annika Ehlers (JIBS)

  • Ankur Chavda and Minjae Kim. Why might hybrid employment increase inequality?
  • Songming Feng, Adele Berndt and Mart Ots. Striving for a sustainable and resilient life amidst Covid-19 pandemic: An analysis of Wuhan citizens’ short video production on social media app Douyin during the lockdown
  • Lisa Wolter, Sylvia Chan-Olsmsted and Rhiannon Eilertson. Sustainability and Brand Communication: Consumer Segment and Media Platform Implications


Coffee break in JIBS lobby


Room: B1033

Parallel session 28-1/A

Spaces, location and communities

Onsite chair: Aske Kammer
Online chair: Annika Ehlers

#101 Foresights for location-based services in media management: first insights from an international Delphi study

Authors: Per Ole Uphaus, Naomi Nowak, Björn Beringer and Harald Rau

Keywords: location-based services, foresights, Delphi study, expert interviews

#109 The Local Media as the Watchdog of the Sustainable Community

Authors: Dagmara Sidyk and Marlena Sztyber

Keywords: sustainable community, Polish local media, media monitoring, Camerimage, European Film Center CAMERIMAGE, EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival

#114 Conceptualizing Media Spaces

Authors: Joschka Mütterlein and Daria Vyugina

Keywords: Space,Dispositive,Digitalization

#44 Sustainability and Urban “Mediascapes”

Authors: Castulus Kolo and Florian Haumer

Keywords: sustainability, local publishers, urbanisation, mediatisation, digitalisation, smart cities, mediascapes


Room: B4051

Parallel session 28-1/B

TV and VOD

Onsite chair: Tim Raats
Online chair: Sindi Sheri

#23 Independent Television Production, Sustainability and the Digital Context

Authors: Gillian Doyle

Keywords: Independent Television Production, Ownership, Scale, Sustainability, Policy

#65 Identification and ranking of the factors affecting the sustainability of VOD service providers

Authors: Somayeh Labafi and Mohadeseh Oghbaee

Keywords: Sustainability, VOD service providers, Media firm Sustainability

#112 Ecosystem sustainability in times of VOD dominance: Evaluating effectiveness of film and audiovisual public support measures

Authors: Ivana Kostovska

Keywords: film, VOD, audiovisual policy, ecosystem, sustainability

#62 Bangers and Cash: Integrating a reality TV show and a family business brand

Authors: Adele Berndt

Keywords: Reality TV, Family business brand, Corporate branding matrix


Room: B2011

Parallel session 28-1/C

Clusters and systems

Onsite chair: Marcel Garz
Online chair: Andreas Jansson

#123 Sustainability of local journalism – from resilience strategies to regional innovation systems

Authors: Ulrike Rohn, Indrek Ibrus and Andres Jõesaar

Keywords: Local journalism, Regional innovation systems, Resilience strategies, Sustainability


Authors: Brian McCauley and Leona Achtenhagen

Keywords: media clusters, ecosystems, video games

#19 The innovation ecosystem for sustainable product innovation in journalism: Integrative model and implications for media management research

Authors: Cornelia Wolf, Alexander Godulla and Rosanna Planer

Keywords: innovation management, journalism, media organizations, product innovation, systematic literature review


Room: B3052

Parallel session 28-1/D


Onsite chair: Sven-Ove Horst
Online chair: Denise Voci

#20 Examination of Pedagogy and Instructional Innovation In Media Entrepreneurship

Authors: Geoffrey Graybeal and Michelle Ferrier

Keywords: Media entrepreneurship, Pedagogy, Entrepreneurship education, Entrepreneurial journalism, Journalism innovation, Media innovation

#110 Sustainable Media Entrepreneurship Education

Authors: Britta Gossel

Keywords: sustainability, media entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial self-efficacy

#61 A Role-play Game for Teaching Communication for Sustainability [POSTER]

Authors: Ray Wang


#108 What elements of media clusters will benefit entrepreneurial media management students [POSTER]

Authors: Harro Prins

Keywords: media entrepreneurship, media clusters, media economics, small business economics, entrepreneurship education


Lunch at Guvernören


Room: B1033

Parallel session 28-2/A

Business models, innovation, transformation and strategy in media

Onsite chair: Päivi Maijanen
Online chair: Annika Ehlers

#59 Toward a sustainable audience-journalist relationship. Micro-funding as economic engagement with the news

Authors: Raul Ferrer-Conill and Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

Keywords: Micro-funding, Engagement, Business models, Relational labor, Journalism, Reader revenue

#77 Media Platforms for News Content: A sustainable way to finance journalism?

Authors: Jonas Weber, Christopher Buschow and Andreas Will

Keywords: Journalistic market, Platformization, Media Platforms, Typology, Business Model

#103 Lousy pennies on the web? Analysing the pricing scheme of print and online products in the German newspaper market

Authors: Barbara Brandstetter

Keywords: paywalls, pricing strategy, newspaper economics

#73 Mapping Norway’s digital infrastructures: Actors, value streams and policy in the platform ecology

Authors: Helle Sjøvaag, Raul Ferrer-Conill and Ragnhild Olsen

Keywords: Infrastructures, Platforms, Ecology, Policy


Room: B4051

Parallel session 28-2/B

Data, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Onsite chair: Tom Evens
Online chair: Sindi Sheri

#39 Deepfake impact? Analysing the sustainability of news organisations in the era of artificial intelligence (AI)

Authors: Daniel Seibert, Alexander Godulla and Rosanna Planer

Keywords: deepfake, artificial intelligence, disinformation

#78 Quality of AI-based Journalism: A Consumer Perspective

Authors: Castulus Kolo, Joschka Mütterlein and Sarah Schmid

Keywords: Automated Journalism, News Perception, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Trust

#92 The language barrier: challenges for non-English language contents for voice assistants and smart speakers

Authors: Miguel Crespo, Ana Pinto-Martinho and Wanessa Andrade

Keywords: voice assistants, smart speakers, artificial intelligence, news media, language barriers

#51 Out-of-the-box solutions: a threat or an opportunity to secure a sustainable future for data journalism?

Authors: Mathias Felipe de-Lima-Santos

Keywords: tools, out-of-the-box solutions, platforms, data journalism, threat, opportunity, path dependence, business models


Room: B2011

Parallel session 28-2/C

Crisis and resilience

Onsite chair: Dinara Tokbaeva
Online chair: Andreas Jansson

#55 The Patterns of Sustainable Survival: TV Broadcasters and the Pandemic. A (Multi)Case Study from Poland

Authors: Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska

Keywords: media management, media marketing, media companies, COVID-19, press, radio, tv, sustainability, sustainable survival, media stakeholders, product/content, distribution, price/advertising policy, marketing communication

#69 Sustainable journalism in times of the pandemic: Empirical insights into a practice-based approach to sustainable journalism

Authors: Anke Trommershausen

Keywords: sustainable journalism, ethics as practice, pandemic COVID 19, ethics management

#105 Coordination and cooperation structures of organizations in field-level events for urban revitalization in current times of crisis.

Authors: Viktoria Heinzel, Prof. Dr. Stavros Georgiades and Prof. Dr. Martin Engstler

Keywords: coordination, cooperation, organization studies, field-level event, urban revitalization


Room: B3052

Parallel session 28-2/D


Onsite chair: Britta Gossel
Online chair: Alexander Moutchnik

#25 Change as the “new normal”: A Roadmap for the Future of Media Management Education (2001-2022)

Authors: Francisco J. Pérez-Latre and Horst Sven-Ove

Keywords: Media Management, Media Management Education, Graduate Education, Innovation

#71 Rationales for Media Management Curricula – Comparative Analyses on their Diversity within and across Media and Education Systems

Authors: Castulus Kolo, Florian Haumer, Christopher Schmidt, Bozena Mierzejewska, Axel Roepnack and Anran Luo

Keywords: media management, education, curricula, media industry, media systems

#104 His master’s voice, her data project. Rewiring creative industries education for data awareness and literacy

Authors: Natalia Berger, Joke Hermes, Karel Koch, Faye Mercier and Emma Stoop

Keywords: storytelling with data, journalism education, boundary work, creative industry


Room: B1033

Parallel session 28-3/A

Business models, innovation, transformation and strategy in media

Onsite chair: José María Valero-Pastor
Online chair: Annika Ehlers

#79 Digital Transformation of the Largest Russian broadcasters: presenting findings from qualitative research

Authors: Elena Vartanova, Andrey Vyrkovsky and Daria Vyugina

Keywords: Russian media industry, digitalization, television, radio, business model, digital transformation

#86 The Transformational Ability of an Incumbent News Media Organization

Authors: Hans van Kranenburg and Lotte Keij

Keywords: boundary spanning, organizational transformational ability, incumbent news media organization

#90 Transforming a traditional publisher for a sustainable future – A diachronic case study on the interrelation of portfolio strategy, organization, and leadership

Authors: Castulus Kolo and Dinara Tokbaeva

Keywords: DuMont, strategic media management, newspaper publishing, leadership, organizational transformation, digitalization

#34 Hybrid innovation in digital news and higher education: the case of The Conversation Canada

Authors: Charles Davis and Saniya Rashid

Keywords: digital news, explanatory journalism, journalism innovation, higher education, The Conversation


Room: B4051

Parallel session 28-3/B

Data, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Onsite chair: Rosanna Planer
Online chair: Sindi Sheri

#22 Towards a revised model of data constructivism: A COVID-19 assessment of the cultural data-delusion in media production and consumption?

Authors: Tobias Scholz, Enrique Uribe Jongbloed and Kim Barker

Keywords: big data, data constructivism, COVID-19, intercultural comparison, sustainable media production

#13 User Data as a Not-So-Scarce Resource: a global mapping of third-party cookies on news websites

Authors: Aske Kammer

Keywords: cookies, datafication, digital economy, news media, user data

#68 Clickbait News and Algorithmic Curation

Authors: Juliane Lischka and Marcel Garz

Keywords: Algorithms, Digital Journalism, Facebook, Game Theory, Legacy Media, Social Media Platforms, Supervised Machine Learning, User Interaction, Twitter

#75 Media Management Research: Online Publication Routines ensuring Sustainability

Authors: Harald Rau and Benjamin Rech

Keywords: Network Analysis, Crossownership, Television, Media Management Research, Data Management, Visualization of Data


Room: B2011

Parallel session 28-3/C

Marketing and advertising

Onsite chair: Francisco J. Pérez-Latre
Online chair: Gillian Doyle

#64 Media trust: why do we trust in news?

Authors: Mercedes Medina, Alfonso Vara and María Elena Gurierrez

Keywords: Media trust, sustainability, legacy brands, political leaning, engagement, payment, audience profile

#63 The impact of COVID-19-related content on customer engagement in online brand communities – A quantitative content analysis of media and technology companies

Authors: Sina Wenzel, Nicola Kleer and Reinhard Kunz

Keywords: COVID-19 content, content types, customer engagement, social media

#91 How to pay for video streaming services? A Conjoint Analysis on user preferences and their willingness to pay

Authors: Nadine Lindstaedt-Dreusicke, Yasmin Merz and Ulrich Föhl

Keywords: Video-on-Demand, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Conjoint Analysis, User Preferences, Revenue Models, Advertising

#46 Brand Eudaimonia Effects on Media Preference [POSTER]

Authors: Danny Da Eun Kim and Sheila Murphy

Keywords: Media brands, Media preferences, Brand affect, Scale development, Eudaimonia, Hedonism


Room: B3052

Parallel session 28-3/D

Media and sustainability: coverage, framing and representations

Onsite chair: Thomas Cyron
Online chair: Alexander Moutchnik

#40 Bias in Media Coverage of Sustainability: Comparing Prioritization and Attitudes to Sustainability in US Media with Unsupervised Machine Learning

Authors: Patrick Peter, Sabine Baumann and Sven-Ove Horst

Keywords: Media Bias, Topic Clustering, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Sustainable Development Goals, Machine Learning

#41 “One hell of a year”: A systematic review of scientific literature on the news media coverage of disease pandemics

Authors: Mark Edwards

Keywords: pandemic, media coverage, science communication, systematic review

#97 Mediating the connections: How Australian media covers the causes of the COVID-19 pandemic

Authors: Mark Edwards and Guénola Nonet

Keywords: Covid, science communication, ideology, pandemic origins, content analysis, media bias

#82 A world in need of inspiration [POSTER]

Authors: Guénola Abord-Hugon Nonet and Mark Edwards

Keywords: media, climate emergency, humanity crisis, communication, inspiration, information


Coffee break in JIBS lobby


Room: B1033

Parallel session 28-4/A

Business models, innovation, transformation and strategy in media

Onsite chair: Castulus Kolo
Online chair: Raul Ferrer-Conill

#100 Communicative Satisfaction with News. A Factor-Analytic Study of Community News Media in the United States

Authors: Paul Murschetz, Jim Gleason and Deborah S. Chung

Keywords: Interactivity, Media effects, Communicative Satisfaction, Community news, Survey US

#8 More important than ever before? Assessing readers’ willingness to pay for local news as a constituent for sustainable business models

Authors: Nele Hansen, Udo Bomnüter and Michael Beuthner

Keywords: High quality media, Sustainable business models, Perceived value, Value of proximity, Regional newspapers

#67 Sharing for Sustainability: Measuring the Impact of Social on Independent Community News Revenues

Authors: Clare Cook, Aske Kammer and Coral Milburn-Curtis

Keywords: sustainable, journalism, revenues, big tech, social media, community

#120 Sustainability practices in media industry: Case study of three Indian firms

Authors: Madhupa Bakshi, Subhrajeet Ganguly and Prashant Mishra

Keywords: sustainability, developing country, digital disruotion, social sustainability, India


Room: B4051

Parallel session 28-4/B

Gaming and esports

Onsite chair: Miguel Crespo
Online chair: Tobias Scholz

#33 Content creators as a challenge for stakeholder theory

Authors: Norbert Steigenberger

Keywords: entrepreneurship, esports, video game industry, micro media

#42 Content- and System-Related Effects on the Experience of Flow in VR Games

Authors: Reinhard Kunz, Christian Zabel and Verena Telkmann

Keywords: Content Range, Content Quality, Flow Experience, Gaming Motives, Perceived System Quality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Games

#81 CS-GOne Home – An Auto-Netnographic Study of a Sustainable Media Offering

Authors: Brian McCauley

Keywords: esports, prosumers, consumers, Autonetnography

#84 Gender equality in Swedish gaming

Authors: Dinara Tokbaeva and Leona Achtenhagen

Keywords: Joan Acker, Yvonne Hirdman, Sweden, gender equality, media firm, framing theory


Room: B2011

Parallel session 28-4/C

Marketing and advertising

Onsite chair: Adele Berndt
Online chair: Gillian Doyle

#18 Online promotion of Sustainable tourism: reviewing the content of the official tourism websites

Authors: Sotiroula Liasidou, Anastasia Aslanides and Christiana Stylianou

Keywords: EU27, critical discourse analysis, official tourism websites, online content, sustainable tourism

#21 Balancing the interests of advertisers, publishers and readers in the context of native advertising. A factorial survey experiment.

Authors: Dorien Luyckx, Karolien Poels and Tim Smits

Keywords: native advertising, news media business, factorial survey experiment, advertiser effectiveness, medium credibility, perceived value

#95 From Offline to Online? – An Empirical Analysis of Video Advertising Spending Behavior

Authors: Nadine Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Elke Theobald, Victoriia Noskova and Oliver Budzinski

Keywords: video platform markets, video advertising, video advertising spending decisions, survey of marketers, platform economics, media economics

#32 Sustaining in the world of social media: Instagram practices of British, German and US- American media outlets

Authors: Rosanna Planer, Daniel Seibert and Alexander Godulla

Keywords: Media organizations, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Storytelling, Social Media, Strategies, Corporate Design


Room: B3052

Parallel session 28-4/D

Media and sustainability: coverage, framing and representations

Onsite chair: Sabine Baumann
Online chair: Mark Edwards


Authors: Leona Achtenhagen and Andreas Jansson

Keywords: sustainability, Sweden, discourse analysis, framing, ownership

#45 Game Over? Representations of Climate Change in Online Video Games

Authors: Carolin Becklas and Sabine Baumann

Keywords: Online Video Game, Sustainability, Content Analysis, Natural Environment, Strategy

#72 Media framing of a sustainable market category: Analyzing the coverage around the emergence of the German meat-substitutes market

Authors: Annika Ehlers

Keywords: Media Framing, Category Emergence, Sustainable Development, Moral Markets

#99 Sustainable development of water resources in the shade of sustainable local Media (The case of Iranian provincial television channels)

Authors: Ali Ahmadi, Mohsen Asgarzadeh and Marjan Imani

Keywords: sustainable development, local television, journalism, water resources


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